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it's a pretty persons world

oh baby baby, it's a wild world
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accents, athletic guys, attention, batman, bedrooms, being right, bethany joy lenz, bollywood, caribou coffee, carlos bocanegra/captain america, chocolate, clothing, coffee, correcting, courtesy, crooked smiles, cuddling, culture, cute guys, cute sayings, david villa, doodling, drama, dreams, dressing up&going out, dressing up&staying in, dwight k. schrute, emma watson, eyelashes, eyes, family, fashion, fc barcelona, fernando torres, flags, football/futbol/soccer, friday night lights, friends, fun, geography, gerard pique, getting my drank on, giggling, glee, going out, good grades, grammar, guys that smell good, haley james scott, half smiles, hands, harry potter, helping, hockey, hoodies, hot footballers, héctor elizondo, ice cream, india, james lafferty, jewelery, jodi picoult, john abraham, kids, kissing, lacrosse, laughter, learning, lights, lips, liverpool fc, long names, magic 8 balls, magic candles, markers, mary kate & ashley, mehndi, mindy kaling, mint, money, movement, movies, muscians, music, nail polish, naley, nice hands, nonsense, office supplies, one tree hill, oranges, passion, paul johansson, perfumes, photography, pictures, pomegranates, post-it notes, pouting, quotes, rambling, randomness, reading, run-your-hands-through-it hair, sarah dessen, semicolons, serendipity, shoes, shopping, showers, silliness, singing, skins, slightly muscley guys, slim wrists, slurpees, smiles, soft skin, spain nt, speaking british, starbucks, straight a's, straws, sunny naps, surfers, sweatpants, talking, taylor kitsch, telling stories, the bluth family, the dark knight, the joker, the scent of books, the scent of rain, thunderstorms, tim smith, uncle jesse, unique names, usmnt, watching sports, whipped cream, winning